Our Military Stable Belts are made from a strong yet comfortable woven fabric webbing. We have been making stable belts for decades for Army regiments in the UK as well as around the world. Our stable belts are all competitively priced and feature free delivery for all and no quibble, free returns if the size isn’t quite right.

We are manufacturers and stockists of over 60 different stable belts to regimental and corps pattern. We can also supply bespoke belts, where we undertake the design and manufacture of new stable belts. The minimum quantity for bespoke stable belts to a new design is 70 for strap fitting belts and 100 for those with a locket fitting.

The stable belt is an essential piece of uniform used within the UK armed forces as well as throughout the Commonwealth. The fabric belt is fairly wide comprising of a range of horizontal colours ranging from one colour, two stripes or multiple colours and stripes. Most stable belts feature a tan, dark brown or black leather double strap or a decorative metal, gilt or bronze buckle. The stable belt is worn around the waist, through the trousers belt loops or over a skirt or uniform jersey.

Stable Belts were used by the cavalry as their working dress when cleaning stables and looking after the horses. After the Second World War the use of stable belts increased to all branches of the Army, this injected colour and further pride into a Regiment, Unit or Corps uniform that was otherwise a plain khaki dress.

As we stand now, every regiment and corps within the British Army has their own stable belt. The Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and Royal Marines also have their own stable belt which are worn with many styles of informal dress.